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Russell Brunson (CEO of Clickfunnels...which did $90M last year in revenue) 
Even More Gym Launch Success Stories:

153+ New Clients in 21 Days...

They got out of debt within their first month ($20k in debt) and were able to get 153 new customers into their 2 gyms in under a month. (Screenshot below)
Chris Miranda added 
+203 New Clients in 28 days.

Leslie & Vinny Rosini 
$33,544 in NEW revenue in 18 days...

Josh Price 
71+ New Clients in 10 days...

We have now done three launches and our last one got 134 new members (first one we were afraid of the volume and asked to stop after 71 clients in 10 days). So happy to be a part of the Gym Launch family and excited for the future of our gym.

Logan Manzares 

$18,962 in first 10 days...

Thor Christerson 
167+ New Clients in 21 Days...

Check this one out. Thor got 167 new clients in 3 weeks using the Gym Launch system. More than doubled his already successful gym

Christine Vargo: 
103+ New Clients in 21 Under Days...

From 120 to 223 in 21 days. Christine was able to sign up 103 new clients in 21 days with her first Gym Launch.

Ryan Karas: 
51 New Sales & $25,449 in 9 days...

Victor Zavala: 
100+ New Clients in 21 Days...

Signed up 100 new paying customers in 21 days. That took his gym clients from 50 to 150 in 21 days. Yes. 3X. 

Monika Patar
70+ New Clients in 21 Days...and added 8k/mo to her EFT

Hristo Hristov: 
105+ New Clients in 21 Days...

A "tornado"...a "flood" of clients. Listen to Hristo's experience. 

Bryan Greene
81+ New Clients in 21 Days...

From 30 group training to 111 in 21 days at his gym in Newport Beach.

Pedram Shingir: 
77+ New Clients in Under 21 Days...

From 55 to 132. Pedram had 55 clients in his first ten months of owning his own hybrid PT/Group Training studio. After 21 days of his first Gym Launch he was able to acquire an ADDITIONAL 78 customers. Check out the video below.

Lee Gough
73+ New Clients in 21 Days...

From ~40 group training to 113 in 21 days at his gym in Phoenix.

Craig Jackson
85+ New Clients in 21 Under Days...

Craig was able to add 85 new clients to his roster in under 21 days. His gym had 83 clients when he started and within 21 days was able to start another 85 bringing him to 168 clients. 

Thor Colberg
52+ New Clients in 21 Days...

From 50 to 102. Check this one out. Thor got 52 new clients to add to his 50 existing bootcamp members to double his facility in 21 days.