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"Since working with Alex I was able to cut my attrition in half by just implementing a few of his tactics. Gym Launch and their team are simply the best and actually care about your success. If you want to save thousands and make thousands read this book." - Billy W. Quakertown, PA
Gym Launch Secrets Will Help You To...
  • Get More Clients...and show you how to do it without a marketing budget
  • Profit From Your Clients...by pulling 6 key levers to increase profitability (and your clients will thank you for it!)
  •  Keep Them For Life...by executing the 5 horsemen of retention
1) How To Get More Clients...
  • ​The 8-Step Irresistible Fitness Offer Formula...that'll make your membership sound like a "no-brainer", without even changing your services...making sales easy for people who hate sales
  • Client Financed Acquisition...how to get your customers to pay for your marketing for you. This is how our gyms use "other people's money" to scale their gyms rapidly. This concept makes "marketing budgets" a thing of the past. This method is how we scaled to 1500+ in less than 2 years.
  • ​ Our infamous Lead Generation Scrambler that will show you how to create never-ending high-converting ad variations WITHOUT expensive software or prior marketing experience
  • My Two Million Dollar 13-Point *Internal Use Only* Fitness Ad Copy Checklist... that we developed going over the best converting fitness ads of all time from our $2M of ad spend. My internal marketing department must check-off these points before an ad goes live.
  • The Two-Step "Backwards" Scheduling Process that gets prospects to overwhelmingly make appointments with you BEFORE you reach out
  • ​Our Proven 3-Step Appt Show-Up Sequence that DOUBLES show up rates making "No Shows" a thing of the past...it's so simple you'll wonder why you didn't start using it sooner. 
  • ​The "Unfair Advantage" Perfect Sales Room Setup to stack the chips in your favor for every sale (and help your staff close who aren't as good as you)
  • ​The "Print Money" Pre-Sell Questionnaire that you can swipe immediately to get your prospects into a "buyer's mindset" that predisposes them to walk into your appointment with credit card out, ready to buy (BEFORE YOU EVEN SAY A WORD!)  
  • ​The C-L-O-S-E-R formula that I personally used to close over 4000 1 on 1 fitness sales...and use to this day to teach my sales team, responsible for over $50M in sales...it makes the prospect feel that working with you is the easy and natural choice
  • ​The "Boring but effective" Three Pillar Pitch Process that gets prospects to say yes naturally. Some sign up without even knowing what they're signing up for it is so effective. 
  • Never Hear "I Have To Think About It" Again Setups & Closes...to get customers to take action TODAY (and get out of their own way for their own benefit)
  • ​The 5 Strongest Ethical Overcomes to "I Have To Talk To My Spouse" ...that actually work (shocker). 
  • ​The How to Flip "I Cant Afford That" into HIGHER priced packages using these Price Objection Pulverizers...
  • ​The 31 pages of "Battle Tested" Obstacle Overcomes (real ones that actually close sales, not just sound nice)... to put your prospect's worries and concerns to sleep once and for all...
  • ​The "Icing" Front End Cash Process that allows you to make money on WHILE customers "try out" your facility
  • ​The "Cake-y" Recurring Back End that will show you how to maximize how many times customers buy (and at higher prices!)
  • ​The "Thomas Jefferson" Trainer Hack to get your trainers to upsell all your members FOR YOU
2) How To Make More Per Client...
  •  Our infamous "Rate Increase Letter"...this single letter will help you add thousands to your EFT.
  •   The 3 "Profit Maximizing" Price Levers...the three unexpected you methods you can use to repackage your membership & billing cycles TOMORROW to make more per customer (...one of them can increase your yearly revenue by 7.7% without a single change in fulfillment)
  •   The 3 "Counter-Intuitive" Overhead Levers...to cut costs and INCREASE perceived value of your service
  •  The 6 "Cash Conveyor Belt" Capacity Levers...to reorganized sessions & times to maximize profit efficiency turning the gym floor into a cash conveyor belt every hour (...one of these ways shows you how to make money during off hours of your gym)
  •  The "No-Show-Fee" Rollout How-To...imagine getting paid for people who DONT come to the gym, and use it to KEEP them coming. Do NOT roll this incredible tool out without reading this section FIRST.
  •  The Reverse Marketing Method...How to never give anything away for free and get MORE customers because of it.
  •  The "Pie Equation"...how restructuring your services around this one number can help you maximize your profit. If you aren't using it, you are flying blind.
  •  Money Math Gym Formula to turn a normal gym into a Super Gym...the formula that took me years to put together with my 6 gyms. Don't run your gym another day without it
  •  The "Bolt-On" Revenue System...tack on as much as $200 per month per customers all by adding 2 obvious questions to your on-boarding process (that most of them say YES to!)
  •  The "So Easy It Should Be Illegal" Internal Play System, the secret to cashing in on both sides of your business at the same time. Even better, it requires NO AD SPEND and is pure "gravy money" that you get on top of everything. Once you start this, you'll never want to stop. 
  •  The $600/mo "One-Yes" Upsell that will convert your best customers into cash cows...
3) How To Keep Them For Life...
  • The 5 Horsemen of Retention. We cracked the code. Implement these 5 simple processes to help keep your clients coming back and help keep your revenue snowballing...the true keys to the kingdom. Many gyms implement these and drop from double digits to less than 3% mo over month churn in record time.
  • ​Take a moment to let the first bullet sink in...massive multiplication of lifetime value of every customer...a "how-to" guide.
  •  The 4-Layered "Wedding Cake" Gym Model...to show you how to take your now fixed gym to 6Figures+ a month in revenue
  •  The Bulletproof Semi-Private Rollout...how to have MASSIVE adoption from your client base and get paid $500-$700/mo for it PER CLIENT...this typically becomes one of the primary profit sources of every gym
  •  A Compensation Model That Works & Keeps Your Trainers Invested...and servicing your clients even better than you!
  •  The Highest Converting Trainer Ad we used...and never changed in the years I ran my gym
  •  Our 30-Year Old "Operations Manager Needed" Ad that we have run in every market to get rockstar managers (for less than you thought imaginable).
  •  The OMG What Do I Do With All These Applications Admin Ad...this is a 30 year old ad that STILL converts today. Use it to staff all the operations of your facility.
  •  The Attract Sales People That Can Sell Ad...and how the best salespeople ALREADY HAVE JOBS...and how to pay them so they stay :)
  •  The "Boring But Rich" Blueprint that Keeps Your Gym Consistent & Maximizing Revenue
  •  The Most Amazing Training Session Blueprint (get this right, and everything else becomes smooth sailing)
  •  The Unmotivated Trainer Cure...Once They Are Exposed to this, they cant help but service like maniacs
  •  The Never-Repeat-Yourself Comm Cadence so everyone knows what to do...all the time...it'll have your gym running like a well-oiled machine, you'll wonder what to do with all the extra time (Hint: this is the"unsexy stuff" that actually makes gyms sturdy)
  •  The One Page Team Template that gives every employee a roadmap to overdeliver to your customers with cyborg-like consistency (this is how we scaled our company to 126+ employees in less than 2 years!).
  •  And So so so much more (for real, this bullet list would have been too long)...with Amazing hand drawn infographics to make the concepts easy to execute for anyone
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Here Are Just A "Few" Words About The Results Achieved From The Contents of This Book...

Brian & Jenny Sweeney, Raise The Bar S&C 
Manassas, VA

Gym Launch Secrets saved our gym. Before Gym Launch, we were overworked, underpaid, and had no vision of how the gym was going to support our future. The business tactics in this book will create a future that puts you in control of a prosperous and thriving gym

Chris Schenck,
TriBird Personal Training 
Mesa, AZ

Alex helped me triple my EFT in less than 9 months after I couldn't break the 10k mark for over a year. I also went from hating my business to loving what I do again.

Claire Pearson,
Rawr Fitness 
Lafayette, CO

Using Alex’s mastermind strategies I went from an eviction notice on my door to trying to buy my building! I quadrupled my EFT in 4 months and now sleep, spend time with my kids, and manage a team of 5 while working on my business and not in it!
*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Jay Duquette,
MVNU Training
Shrewsbury, MA

Thanks to gym launch I was able to take my gym from 3K a month in revenue and failing to 25k-30k per month, profiting and growing every month, in just 12 months. Not to mention went from working 16 hour days and taking multiple part time jobs to pay my bills, to now Training zero classes, hiring a team of 4 and paying myself more than I could have imagined making as a gym owner.

Kathe Downs
Gretna Fit Body Boot Camp
Gretna, NE

 I’m a Single mom of 2 boys who wasn’t sure We would be able to keep the roof over our head—enter gym launch....I went from borrowing money to pay rent and payroll to 10x my ROI in literally 6 months and now stacking cash in the bank! If Alex is talking, my credit card is out and ready to buy it! Applying everything he and this group have taught me have bought me freedom I would not have had and I have barely touched the surface. It’s amazing to find a coaching program that promises to over deliver and then over delivers on over delivering. If you don’t buy this book, you hate money. It’s that simple.

Dominic Parker
Impact Athletics
Uncasville, CT

We were hobbyist gym owners looking for a way to get out of our “real jobs” and do what we loved for a living. Within four months of working with Alex, Leila, and their staff we were both out of the rat race, had two gyms, and haven’t really looked back since. If you already own a gym this will revolutionize how you run it, and how much money you make, which will let you help the most people. If you don’t own a gym yet, do what we did for our second location and start from scratch using everything they provide

*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Shelby Snodgrass
719 Fitness Center
Neligh, NE

"When we found Gym Launch, we were about to close our doors. Within 2 months, we made 40k in a town of 1,800 people. But most importantly, my husband and I went from working 15 hour days to hiring a full staff and pulling ourselves out of the day to day. This is absolute GOLD, even in the smallest areas"

John Rudolf
Iron Empire
Dover, NH

Best thing about Gym Launch for me... Not just having 200+ more clients my first year, but the campaigns designed to deliver superior customer service to keep them. I am proud of my gym and what we have created. None of it would have been possible without Alex and Leila and the amazing team they have at Gym Launch.
*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Chris Charlton
Boss Fitness
Durham City, Durham

 Alex's programme has changed my life, from a 100+ hour work week, scraping in £2-3k a month, struggling to make bills, undeserving clients from lack of Time, Energy and Resources. I almost Quit, got a "Normal Job" but I wanted to Change Lives threw fitness, with no idea how to run a fitness business, Alex showed me how.

Now I Can serve my clients at the highest level and give them the results they deserve. I can now spend time with my 2 year old son, Ive made over £140k, Opened a bigger location and still have only scratched the surface of his trainings.

I cant thank you enough.

Ryan Karas
Vigor Performance
Loveland, CO

 Before I met Alex we were almost at rock bottom with a big move, expenses from such, etc. Since Alex we have been able to bring in over 2 million in revenue. Being a very "well known" strength coach, I figured people should come to me for my services and Alex taught me how to actually get them to come through my door. We went from 20k/mo in revenue to over 140k/mo
Forever grateful.

Paul Lynsgo
Experity Functional Strength
Burr Ridge, IL

Alex straight up saved me from burnout. After 7 years in business, I was working a split shift 5x/week plus Saturday mornings, coaching every session, cleaning the gym on off hours, barely paying bills (in fact, the month I joined gym launch was the first time that i’d Emailed my landlord saying “I can’t pay rent).
A year later I doubled my number of clients, 3Xed my gross revenue (thanks to raising rates) and have a staff of 5 that handle the day to day. To say this is a Game changer is an understatement- this is a LIFE Changer!
*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Josh Lynch
Ignite Training Facility
Salem, VA

 Life changing! I had been working a full time job along with my gym full time. We were making little to no income and had little time for family. Enter Gym Launch Secrets... We have grown 6x in the last year, I left my full time job, my passion for helping my customers has grown, and most importantly I have freedom and time to be with my loved ones. Forever thankful.

James Tosoff
Kickboxing Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

Alex and Gym Launch Secrets has helped me systemize my lead gen and sales systems across my 3 locations and has given me the freedom to manage them from anywhere. Currently finishing a 3 week tropical holiday while my studios generate revenue and deliver a great service. Alex and Leila are genuine and care about their clients success. I’m super happy to be a Gym Lord :)

Barbara Vinciguerra
Fit House New York
Ardsley, NY

In over 30 years in the fitness industry I can honestly say that Gym Launch has been the single best investment I have ever made in myself and that in turn has had a direct impact not only on my financial well being but more importantly in my life. In 1 year time since joining GL not only have I increased my annual gross revenues by over $200,000 a year, I have increased my net profit by $100,000, grew my monthly EFT by over $25,000 a month, went from a being solo studio owner teaching every class, doing everything and working entirely in my business to now having a staff of 7 coaches and being able to work on my business - but even more importantly Gym Launch helped me find the people whose's lives I could touch and change! So thank you Alex Hormozi and the whole team behind the Gym Launch team who have helped me do my purpose work by reaching, touching and changing so many lives!
*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Rob Grupe
Twice Bitten Crossfit
Oklahoma City, OK

 I remember standing in my gym a few years ago. Frustrated. Thinking... “man, I wish someone could just come in here and show me what to do!”. We were working our asses of but not seeing the results for the effort. Getting conflicting advice from different coaches and mentors. That’s when we first heard about Gym Launch. I said “Fuck it. Let’s do it! What we’ve been doing isn’t working.” That’s when the whole game changed. Everything plug and play, tactical information. Don’t get me wrong, it’s work. But it’s like, how long would you stand at a cash machine where it continuously popped out $5 or $10 bills? You would literally stand there until you couldn’t anymore. That’s the description that comes to mind. We more than doubled our income within a few months. Alex and Leila are thought leaders who truly care. They are changing the industry and serve from the heart. I’m just thankful to be a part of the winning team.

Joey Huber, Body by Design 
Muskego Wisconsin

"Alex Hormozi taught me how break my personal beliefs about how successful a micro-gym can be and how quickly it can be achieved given the proper systems. Those systems (like client-financed acquisition, high-level sales training, rock solid retention strategies) were my secret weapon to scaling quickly, which has taken my gym from $626k to $1.3mil (doubling our size)...Thank you Alex." 

Kyle Barker
Training for Warriors Eastbay
Pleasanton, CA

This is Literally a blueprint on where to get the winning lotto ticket and how to cash it. Then he teaches you to get someone else to find the next winning lotto ticket and have them cash it for you! Because that is what us gym owners are doing each week. I've gone from 67 EFTS charging 125-147/month to 165 EFTs charging $200/month in one years time. That doesn't even include the upfront cash, or internal plays, or supps that he also sprinkles in to the mix!

*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Daniel Romigh
Redemption Fitness Mason 
Mason, MI

I was working a "real job" 50+ hours a week coaching 11 classes and handling all 2 leads a month. Alexand Leila have helped us grow from 20 members to 250+ in 8 months. And I can pay myself.

Stephanie Sweeney Commons 
West Carmel Fit Body Boot Camp
Indianapolis, Indiana

When Josh and I learned about Gym Launch, we had our gym for 4 years and we doing okay, but could not figure out how to take our gym to the next level and push over 120 members. We would run marketing for challenges and would have 5 people show up to the orientation and 1-2 complete the challenge. After implementing the 6 week challenge that Alex created, we started consistently running 30 people challenges with a 90% success rate on those people finishing and getting results. This doubled our member EFT base in 6 months and renewed our passion for helping people live their healthiest life!

Logan Manzanares
Big Sky Barbel
Bozeman, MT

Although I have "paid" over 50k to Alex & Gym Launch it has truly been FREE as all the systems that Alex graciously shares in this book have generated a 10x ROI for my gym & gave me the freedom to do what I choose to do
*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Ally Johnson
Ninja Fitness Academy
Albuquerque, NM

If you want to 3x your company, 5x your skill set, and change your business, your relationships, and your mindset forever. What’s in this book is comparable to bricks of gold, don’t just buy it. Live by it.

Joe Green
Sweat Heroes Boot Camp
Vacaville, CA

Gym Launch Secrets gave me the freedom and courage to walk away from a 15+yr career! For the first time in my life I actually feel like I'm living my purpose. My business went from $25k to $45k a month in less than a year. I'm actually glad that I hired a Coach before I met Alex Hormozi, I appreciate Alex 100X more because I know first hand that this program delivers more value than anybody else in the industry!
*Testimonials from actual gym owner clients with unique results. You results will vary based on the size of your business’s current facility, staff, and location. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.
And if you are wondering who we are and if we have the EXPERIENCE to actually help...here are some quick bullets.
  • We Believe In America 🇺🇸: 120+ Full Time US-Based Employees (78 pictured) so we can have amazing service and response times. This also ain't yo momma's basement guru. We are an actual company.
  • 1500+ Facilities 🎯: We have one of the largest networks of gyms in the nation. This network helps our gyms to maintain an information advantage over other players through collaboration & innovation. #gymlords

  • We Believe In Giving Back 🙏🏻 :  
  • A teacher named Steve Givens stayed after school to teach me to workout, asking for nothing in return. Here is a picture of us donating $100,000 to pay forward for all the help we have received. This is a small part of our two-year $2.7M pledge to After School All-Stars providing after school care, food, and safety for children who have no home to go to.  Gov Schwarzennegger accepted the donation. He is also the man.
  • You Need To Master A Skill BEFORE You Teach It: Something that we believe has been lost in the age of internet gurus. We actually did multiple 7F in our 6 gyms before teaching best practices. Here are some awards we received first for fitness (top), then for teaching business (bottom). 
Awards achieved for selling 7F+ of fitness...
Award achieved for passing $10M.
We are now at $50M run rate.
I hate showing this stuff, but I feel like nowadays I have to. We have actual experience and have been recognized for it and for the success of our clients.
As you can see...
Gym Launch Secrets has already helped countless gym owners around the world...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
There is no catch, and no hidden continuity.

So why am I giving all this information away for free?

1) I like giving back to an industry that has given me more than I ever dreamed. 

2) I think that people are pretty good at seeing the difference between a book that is intended to simply be a "free lead magnet" and a book genuinely intended to provide real measurable value. I'd like to think this is the latter. 

3) Because I know that if you implement even one tactic in this book, it will pay for itself in spades (seriously). And I know that if you do that, you will wonder what else we have, and allow us to help you at an even higher level. 

4) Because even if you never work with us, you are a gym owner, so you are one of us. And I genuinely don't want anyone else to suffer trying to figure out how to make their gym work. And this is something I'm actually good at, so I'd like to share it with you.  
And here is my final risk reversal for you...
"My Crazy Guarantee"
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book, or I'll refund your shipping cost and let you keep the book anyway. 

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Sound fair?
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Alex & Leila Hormozi
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